Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

PCI Slots have become the industry standard for expansion technology and connectivity. Correctly configuring your new PCI-based Industrial PC is essential to keeping your industrial computing process moving smoothly. Let’s look at how and why this benefits your business.

1. Many PCI slots available – up to 18 in a system

When you need to host lots of expansion devices, you need lots of slots. Configure up to 18 PCI slots in your new industrial computer so you know you’ll have room to grow.

2. Long term 3-5yr availability

When configuring an industrial computer for your PCI needs, it’s important to choose one with long-term availability, especially if your are designing a system that will have to be reproduced at a later date. Only a reputable industrial computer supplier that offers long-life industrial motherboards, single board computers (SBC), passive backplanes, and Panel PCs can guarantee long term support.

3. Bus Mastering

Expansion devices are capable of taking control of the PCI bus to perform direct data transfers. It is important to understand the requirements of your PCI expansion, IO and Data Acquisition cards and their compatibility with an industrial computer PCI bus. A quality industrial computer supplier will work with you to understand your requirements and verify system compatibility, so your industrial computer system arrives working as expected.

4. Support for the future  agen slot gacor

An industrial computer manufacturer that understands the industrial market place will offer support for past, current and future technologies. While most data acquisition, control and interface expansion cards are available today in PCI interface; the future of PCIe and 64-bit PCI (3.3V 64-Bit, 5V 64-Bit, PCI-X) interface is already here. Further, most industrial computing applications still have ISA cards that they can’t do without. It is important to choose an industrial computer supplier that provides PCIe expansion (aka PCI Express, Peripheral Component Interconnect, PCI-E) as well as PCI and ISA. PCIe sockets can be configured for PCIe x1, PCIe x4 and PCIe x16 devices. PCIe allows for faster device communication as it eliminates the need for the bus to switch priorities between devices. Choosing a 64 bit PCI-capable board doubles the rate of data transfer for capable devices over 32-bit PCI. Make sure to correct the right PCI Slots for your needs!

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